Having discovered Active Chiro through an appointment my daughter made on a Saturday after a car accident, I knew there was something different.

Dr. Sparrow was very thorough, kind and considerate to the needs of my daughter. I was able to watch her techniques and realized new techniques were being used.

I made an appointment to visit and was tremendously surprised at how well the new techniques worked for me. Having had a herniated neck disk and subsequent disk replacement, Dr. Sparrow’s technique offered me long term relief that no other technique was able to offer in the past.

I have seen conventional chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncture, massage therapy, medication, operations and although they may have helped, it was all short term.

The myofascial release technique, Graston technique along with the chiropractic manipulations was very effective for my situation.

I applaud Dr. Sparrow and her techniques, have experienced the benefit that has helped me with a decades long problem .

Life gets sweeter when the pain is in the past.

– Leon H.

I used to have severe neck pain from sitting at my desk all day. Doctor Sparrow changed the level 9 pain all the way down to a 3 after the first visit. She looks at Chiropractic with a wider scope than most and has worked with my body in the least invasive way possible while still getting the most results. She is a nice person and very professional. I have seen many Chiropractors and she is absolutely the best. I have recommended her to many friends and family and will continue to do so.

– Lindsay R.

“I have been seeing Dr. Thompson for many years and couldn’t be more satisfied with my treatments. We have wonderful conversations and I always feel better physically and mentally uplifted after every visit!”

– Lori Z.

I would like to write a review for Dr. Marissa Sparrow. The first thing that comes to mind was our first encounter.

I walked in, tired of being treated like I was on an assembly line. When I saw her, I was in bad shape. I had not had any luck with female chiropractors in the past. I found based on size, muscle mass, etc., I was better off seeing a guy. But I was hurting, so I gave her a shot. I fell in love with the style of chiropractic care and her ability to make sure I was functioning properly. There is no come see me 3 times a week, and yes, I work construction for a living (body gets beat up regularly). It’s been a year plus since that first encounter, and I keep coming back.

– Cole C.